English for Leisure Time Speaking

    Author Sutanto Leo
    No GM N/A
    ISBN 979-22-1803-3
    Price Rp 55.000
    Size 14 x 21
    Total Pages N/A
    Date Published 11 Jan, 2006
    Category Teen Young Adult


It is said that school leavers in Indonesia are not able to speak English confidently. They have no courage to speak, even though they actually feel that they have something to say in their mind. They are affraid to make mistakes when speaking because they never feel happy with their English grammar and vocabulary at school.

English for Leisure Time Speaking is directed at those who have learned English and have

no courage to speak but want to practice their spoken English. This book is not only suitably used by high school student, university students, English course learners and English speaking club members as a main coursebook for speaking, but also for employees, workers, staff, teachers, employers or members of family as a core handbook for language practice during their leisure ime.

This book covers very common daily topics which everyone is familiar with, such as Daily Activities, Family Life, Culture, Hobbies, Music, Health, Education, Love, Marriage, Sex, Demonstrations and Strikes, Terrorism, etc. The questions, which are intended to arouse learners to speak, are generally simple to answer for ordinary learners. They need practical ideas or knowledge but do not need deep academic or scientific knowledge to answer them. However, if the group of learners have more advanced knowledge abaout the topics and are interested to delve deeper into the topics, there are also some possibilities to do so.


Disusun oleh dosen bahasa Inggris yang sangat kompeten di bidangnya dan telah diujicobakan di beberapa perguruan tinggi dan lembaga bahasa di Bandung.

Dipakai sebagai bahan kuliah untuk mata kuliah Speaking di NHI Bandung (berbagai jurusan). Dipakai mulai semester y.a.d. (Februari-Juli 2006).

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