Study English - IELTS Preparation (+ 2 DVD)

    Author Anna Shyrnkiw, David Larbalestier
    No GM N/A
    ISBN 979-22-2807-1
    Price Rp 225.000
    Size 21 x 29.5
    Total Pages N/A
    Date Published 05 Jun, 2007
    Category Teen Young Adult


IELTS - International English Language Testing System

As seen on television networks throughout the Asia Pacific region!
+ Bite-sized! 26 ten minute episodes
+ Real television footage used to analyse authentic English language use
+ Interesting and relevant topics
+ Includes study notes, activities, transcripts, and answers for every episode
+ Language elements covered include vocabulary, speaking naturally, paragraph structure, punctuation, describing data, making comparisons, and many more!
Suitable for independent study or as a classroom aid!

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