Ubud: The Spirit of Bali


Ubud, a city-village in the middle of Bali, exerts an intense attraction: many people who were only planning to visit briefly end up coming back again and again, and some of them eventually move here to live. Ubud has a certain enchantment that makes people fall in love with it.

This charm is examined extensively in the book Ubud: The Spirit of Bali. Various aspects of life in Ubud are described, both broadly and in depth: its history, arts and culture, religious life, and business management. The book also examines several aspects which demonstrate that Ubud engages simultaneously in spritual marketing, eco-marketing, and social marketing.

Many attractive photographs complete the book, bringing Ubud even closer to us. The book provides not only knowledge but also inspiration for anyone who wants to learn from the success of Ubud, which has proven so sustainable over so many centuries.

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