The Wisdom of Bali

    Author Anand Krishna
    No GM N/A
    ISBN 978-979-22-6318-3
    Price Rp 225.000
    Size 18.9 x 26.7
    Total Pages N/A
    Date Published 28 Oct, 2010
    Category Non Fiction: Religion and Spirituality


World class tourism destination Bali is well-known for her natural beauty and exotic culture. But within beautiful Bali hides another type of `beauty`: the pearls of wisdom to heed and practice. Bali`s indigenous wisdom is laden with philosophical and universal values and is also very relevant for addressing the global problems modern people face daily. These pearls of wisdom were born out of a thoughtful civilization that champions the simplicity of mind and respect of nature, integrating these ideas into every aspect of life itself.

There are only a handful of authors who write about and analyze Balinese wisdom in such depth, yet in a very down-to-earth way. Here, Anand Krishna brings back such wisdom long forgotten, long abandoned by even the contemporary Balinese themselves.


"Anand Krishna`s book comes at the right time, in the right place to help us deeply understand the foundation of Balinese Spirituality, how it sustains daily life, and how it fits within the context of an Indonesian democracy based on the ideal of Unity in Plurality."
---Margot Anand, Author of many books translated in 16 languages (the latest: The Art of Everyday Ecstasy)

"By practicing the values contained in this book, we can end all suffering and attain to the supreme bliss. We can eliminate the ill effects of Kali Yuga, or the maddening Iron Age here and now, in this very life."
---Ida Pedanda Gede Made Gunung, Balinese High Priest

"Krishna again invites us on a journey of discovery to those places where only the true enquirer is welcomed--where only the true enquiry is heard. The light he throws on his subject--any subject, is both edifying and harsh. For it is that rare quality of light which is hard fought and hard won--earned through the temperance of vigilance and grace. We should all of us meet the spirit of his words with a measure of real gratitude."
---Sacha Stone, Founder of Humanitad Foundation Director-General of Europe-I.R.E.O (Intergovernmental Renewable Energy Organization)

"Indeed, the lofty spiritual and cultural values presented in this book--the indigenous pearls of Balinese Wisdom--are, in fact, very universal in nature. These values can be practiced by anyone irrespective of the religious, social and other differences."
---Prof. Dr. dr. Luh Ketut Suryani SpKJ, Founder of Suryani Institute for Mental Health

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