Hermes Temptation

    Author Alexandra Dewi, Fitria Yusuf
    No GM N/A
    ISBN 978-979-22-7763-0
    Price Rp 125.000
    Size 15 x 21
    Total Pages N/A
    Date Published 08 Dec, 2011
    Category Non Fiction: Self-Improvement


Have you heard of Hermès? What about Birkin and Kelly bags? What’s that? Oh, you’re a super freak fan?? You bought a separate house just to store your Birkin and Kelly bags collections? Excellent. This book is for you. Come along on a journey with a couple of Birkin and Kelly bags re-sellers into the mystical world of Hermès; the crack for the high society, the heroin for the exclusive.

Read the swashbuckling duo’s adventures and struggles as they established Hermès Temptation, an online forum to re-sell the beautiful and rare bags, and laugh and cry as they tell their ups and downs in running the business, weathering criticism, warding off scams and turning France upside down in search of the elusive Birkins and Kellys—and found Mickey Mouse underwear instead.


“This book is a pure pleasure to read; filled to the brim with humor and I love the wittiness of Alexandra Dewi and the sincerity of fierce yet darling Fifi. Hermès Temptation is a celebration of all women. The dynamic duo’s passions, sensitivities and measured ways of dealing with the intricacies of this tough business and of course the many temptations in LIFE warrant a thorough read.” Cathy Sharon. Model, Presenter, Actress

“I can’t stop smiling reading Hermès Temptation... this book is not too lengthy but definitely interesting to read all the way through! It is amazing to read how some people can be so superficial for something so artificial, for a piece of (what we believe) a branded bag. This book is an eye-opener for all of us.”  Becky Tumewu. Presenter & Founder of TalkInc.

“Well, here we have one intriguing book..... It makes you wonder, doesn’t it, ‘Are you what you wear’... or ‘Do you wear what you want to be’?” Susan Bachtiar. Model, Presenter, Actress

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