Corat-Coret di Toilet

    Author Eka Kurniawan
    No GM N/A
    ISBN 978-602-03-0386-4
    Price Rp 40.000
    Size 14 x 21
    Total Pages N/A
    Date Published 03 Apr, 2014
    Category Fiction: Poetry


"Aku tak percaya bapak-bapak anggota dewan, aku lebih percaya kepada dinding toilet."

"Nada komedi-satirnya cukup kuat dalam Corat-coret di Toilet. Cerdas juga usahanya mengangkat hal kecil yang remeh-temeh menjadi problem kemanusiaan."

— Maman S. Mahayana; Media Indonesia.

"I decided to translate Corat-coret di Toilet not only because it is one of Eka's best-known short stories, but because it is very blackly funny. It catches perfectly the atmosphere. of student life in Indonesia at the start of the new century, as the brief promise of Reformasi was being extinguished by gangsterism, cynicism, greed, corruption, stupidity, and mediocrity. It also mirrors beautifully the bizarre lingo shared by ex-radicals, sexual opportunists, young inheritors, of the debased culture of the New-Order era, and anarchists avant la lettre. Finally, it shows Eka's gift for startling imagery, sharp and unexpected changes of tone, and his 'extra-dry' sympathy for the fellow-members of his late-Suharto generation."

— Benedict R. O'G. Anderson; Indonesia.

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