Karyamin's Smile -Senyum Karyamin- (Versi Bahasa Inggris)

    Author Ahmad Tohari
    No GM N/A
    ISBN 9786020315188
    Price Rp 60.000
    Size 13.5 x 20
    Total Pages N/A
    Date Published 09 Apr, 2015
    Category Fiction: Literary


This short story collection contains 13 short stories by Ahmad Tohari which were written between 1976 and 1986. Like his previous works, in this collection Tohari stays true to his path and presents the village life as well as the daily struggles of the poor and innocent people. As what has been described in the “Foreword”, Tohari’s strength lies in the village setting which is rich with intricate details about the local plants and animals. Apart from that, Tohari’s style is clear, direct, and simple although his stories also apply strong metaphors and irony.

Reading Ahmad Tohari is like finding the real Indonesia. For this writer, a simple way of living is a major key for happiness. He presents Indonesia’s real value against the surge of market demands and expectations. -The Indonesia Journal

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