The Last Crowd *Edisi Bahasa Inggris dari Kerumunan Terakhir

    Author Okky Madasari
    No GM 617173004
    ISBN 978-602-03-6771-2
    Price Rp 140.000
    Size 13.5x20cm
    Total Pages 360 pages
    Date Published 31 Jul, 2017
    Category Fiction: Literary


A story of human confusion in the midst of a fast-changing digital era, when humans don’t have much chance to stop, look back, and contemplate. Moving from one crowd to another, from connecting to alienating, we flock to the future and leave the past behind.

Technology has transformed human civilisation. Social network is the new world, where tremendous amount of time is spent running away from the harsh reality of life filled with defeat and absurdity.

The novel portrays a young Generation Y, who lives in two worlds with blurring boundaries. Unable to distinguish what's real and what's virtual, Jayanegara falls into the trap of hope and illusion of cyberspace.

As the first Indonesian novel that explores the pressing issue of human existence in an era where modern technology consumes our existence, The Last Crowd cleverly unravels our deepest fears and desires: loneliness, isolation, and an innate obsession to be whoever we want to be on screens.

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