Contact Light

    Author Madina Malahayati Chumaera
    No GM 617174015
    ISBN 978-602-03-7767-4
    Price Rp 55.000
    Size 13.5x20cm
    Total Pages 56 pages
    Date Published 16 Oct, 2017
    Category Fiction: Poetry


This book attempts to answer the question of why our curiosity about outer space has been intrinsic to us humankind. it includes
questioning the elements of what makes us us, such as our beliefs and values; our relationships to both the environment that we live in
and with each other.

[…] the stars
only burn brighter.
Smoke rises in the form of
a galaxy: human eyes don’t
know any better.

“Each of Madina’s poems in this book is a universe made of questions where mind and soul intertwined. Beautifully and smartly written.”
–M. Aan Mansyur, Poet

“In Contact Light, 17 year-old Madina showed her impressive poise and ease with words and
big questions.”
–Dee Lestari, Author

"In synergy with science, Madina Malahayati s writing activates both the majesty and the monstrosity of being a part of the universe."
-Florence Lenaers, Poet and Physicist

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