The Potion of Twilight

    Author Ratih Kumala
    No GM 618202050
    ISBN 978-602-06-1167-9
    Price Rp 58.000
    Size 13,5x20cm
    Total Pages 200 pages
    Date Published 24 Sep, 2018
    Category Fiction: Literary


‘First of all . . . the taste of twilight is not sweet like the afternoon and not bitter like the night. The twilight has the taste of warmth.’ She trickles some flavoring liquid.

‘Then the color . . . not bright like the afternoon. . . the color of twilight is: elegant.’ And then she mixes, drips and trickles some drops of liquid, the liquid of colors. ‘There is something else. . . The twilight has to produce some sensation. Not the happy sensation like the afternoon . . . not the melancholic
sensation like the night. The twilight will have the sensation of: PEACE.’ She then drops some liquid of sensation. The mixture causes a tiny explosion; sparks of fire come out of it. Finally, it is done: The Potion of Twilight.

She knows that when she is creating the potion, she has to shut her mouth. She has to keep it a secret and must not tell any one at all. Because if it leaks out, god will steal the formula to enrich his creation named the ‘world’.

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