The Red Ribbon

    No GM 619202029
    ISBN 978-602-06-2948-3
    Price Rp 99.000
    Size 14x21cm
    Total Pages 220 pages
    Date Published 24 Jun, 2019
    Category Fiction: Poetry


Hidden Hope
Deep in my chest,
scars exist in scores;
from beneath pale skin,
fears unveil themselves
and form a sobbing voice.

And when the scale of the
battle within breaches
my limit of endurance,
I choose to walk among the crowd.
I am looking for a celebration
in the arms of others
– a mending –
through the spirit of human love.

I carry hopes…
and I carry these hopes
in the pouch of my heart.
Could someone come forward
to embrace me,
unburden me,
and ease
the brunt of my bruising?
You, maybe?

Abdul Samad Haidari

The Red Ribbon describes the life of a refugee. The poetry showcases the survival instincts that have pushed the author to walk barefoot over sharp-edged rocks through many terrifying valleys, and to sail across black tidal seas to seek peace and hope in a country that has offered him a sanctuary of human love – Indonesia.

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