The Art of Solitude Ed. Inggris

Author: Desi Anwar


If there is one thing that the Covid 19 Pandemic has taught us, it is how to deal with being alone. Quarantine and Social Distancing, while keeping us away from each other, has forced us to confront that person we normally have the least time for. Which is our own Self. The Self that we have neglected and ignored during our busy lives interacting with the outside world, but which many of us could no longer avoid as we spend more time at home and shy away from public places.
We can however, turn these difficult times into a learning lesson that is both transformative and beneficial. Reducing our social interactions allows us more time for self-reflection and for reconnecting with our selves. Spending time on our own is a rare and priceless opportunity to discover who we really are and to ask those fundamental questions about life and existence which we might have taken for granted or spare very little thoughts about.
In this book, a compilation of musings and random thoughts that the author captured during the time of the Corona, Desi Anwar tries to show that solitude is neither a torment nor an affliction to be feared and avoided. Indeed, when embraced in its fullness, solitude becomes an art that is both enlightening and therapeutic.


No. GM : 620221110
ISBN : 978-602-06-4833-0
Price : Rp 88.000
Total Pages : 220 Pages
Size : 13,5x20cm
Date Published : 23 Juni 2021
Book Format : Soft Cover
Category : Inspirational

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Desi Anwar

Desi Anwar

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  • The Art of Solitude Ed. Inggris

    The Art of Solitude Ed. Inggris

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