Answering the Heavenly Call


Answering the Heavenly Call

Author: Dato’ Sri Prof. Dr. Tahir

Category: Religion & Spirituality

The book of 2 Corinthians is the second epistle written by Paul the Apostle to the church in Corinth. Paul was worried that the church in Corinth would not be able to take the sharp rebuke in his first epistle. But Titus brought the good news that the church in Corinth had been repented because of the rebukes.

2 Corinthians is Paul’s autobiography in which he amazingly used the church in Corinth as the basis to tell about himself. Discussing Paul’s epistle without learning his character, attitude, and actions will make the servant of God like a Pharisee who is only a spreader of the Word, not a doer. This is certainly different from Paul whose actions stayed true to his teachings as written in 2 Corinthians.

In the final chapter, Paul sincerely prayed for the pious in Corinth. He could enjoy God’s power through the resurrection of Christ. Paul believed that the pious would become stronger, have joy and perfection, be of one heart and mind, have peace, and live in holiness. Servants of God must be able to strengthen and comfort the people they minister to until they truly experience His presence. Apart from that, a servant of God needs to realize that he can minister only by grace. Therefore, we need to continue to grow and live in holiness.

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29 November 2023
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