The Colours of Mothers

The Colours of Mothers

Author: Riyani Indriyati

Category: Self-Improvement

From the shy little boy whose mother’s flair used to make him blush, to the little girl who found traces of her identity in her mother’s poignant letters, and even to the youngster who withstood years of abuse from her mother—these stories take you from the dusty village of Segue in Mali to Shiraz, the city of gardens, in Iran, and all the way to the rural mountainous town of Boyolali in Indonesia.

Featuring the works of 22 contributors from around the world, each one sharing a unique and touching story about their remarkable mothers. This book brims with powerful stories that pays tribute to the strength of mothers who have faced unyielding obstacles, defied the odds, endured pain, and made tremendous sacrifices for their children.

No. GM :
Price :
Rp 79,000
Total Pages :
120 pages
Size :
13.5 x 20 cm
Published :
24 April 2024
Format :
Soft Cover
Category :
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Riyani Indriyati

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