ASTRA, on becoming pride of nation (Ed. Bahasa Inggris)

    Author Yakub Liman
    No GM 617203049
    ISBN 978-602-03-6658-6
    Price Rp 248.000
    Size 15x23cm
    Total Pages 527 pages
    Date Published 20 Nov, 2017
    Category Non Fiction: Business Management and Leadership


The vast enterprise known as ‘Astra’ has now entered its sixth decade. From the earnest and precise efforts of a young William Soeryadjaya to capture business opportunities, Astra has incredibly developed into a Company that deserves to be known as a ‘pride of the nation’. Behind the challenging journey of Astra to continuously stand as the pride of the nation are the core values and modern management which go hand in hand to produce excellence – the theme of this book. It is exemplified in the Latin phrase per aspera ad astra, ‘Reach for the stars through diligence.’

ASTRA is a company that has become a pioneer of national business, one that has applied the latest management principles in innovating and applying advanced technology, as it produces to full market demand, while providing massive employment for the nation. It thus deserves to be seen as a ROLE MODEL. This book describes how Astra has developed that excellence, systemically and systematically.
-B.J. Habibie, President of the Republic of Indonesia (1998-1999)

Astra is a company that proactively shares its success with other companies, so that they can grow together and create a strong ecosystem. This book can hopefully serve as a source of inspiration and learning for businesspeople, so that they can continue to build Indonesia together.
-Robert Budi Hartono, President/CEO of Djarum Group

The book is a testament to Astra’s contribution to the advancement of innovation, science, and the strong management and leadership in Indonesia. Astra is a company built on values that continue to grow in a sustainable manner. INSEAD is fortunate to have been a part of this success story.
-Ilian Mihov, Dean of INSEAD

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